What is Court Ordered Treatment?

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What is court ordered treatment?

When you’re arrested for DUI or on drug charges the court may order you to get treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Court ordered rehab is often a condition of probation or even a condition to uphold release on bail. This is often a condition set down for first offenders, and helps keep many people out of jail or prison who might otherwise spend years in jail without any help. If you are convicted of these offenses or other offenses, you may also be required to get treatment while serving a jail sentence. With successful treatment, your sentence could be minimized. Parents whose children have been removed from a home because one or both parents have addiction issues may have to undergo treatment in order to regain custody. Any court ordered treatment may be in-patient or out-patient. 

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What is a court ordered evaluation?

When a judge or attorney becomes concerned about a defendant’s mental health, they can order an evaluation by mental health professionals. This evaluation is meant to determine that person’s compentency to stand trial. This evaluation helps determine what the defendant understands or remembers about alleged offenses or their ability to understand court proceedings and consequences of a trial. This type of psychological evaluation is very different from court ordered rehab, which is specifically for those with drug, alcohol, anger or other problems, although a person often will be evaluated by a mental health professional to determine if rehab is the best solution for the defendant.

Who pays for court ordered counseling

Usually, the person receiving the order for court ordered rehab has to pay for the counseling services. Normally, this also means the person can choos the facility in which they are treated. Depending on the person’s circumstances, however, the state may pay for certain eligible programs or provide assistance in some way. A person who is unable to pay for assistance may be able to get help from charitable organizations or even from the facility where they are getting treatment. Health insurance sometimes covers all or some of the cost of rehab.

How long is court ordered rehab

The amount of time one spends in court ordered rehab normally will depend on the type of treatment provided and how well the person responds to the treatment, as well as how long the court deems it necessary for the person to undergo treatment. This length of time is usually determined by the judge, attorneys, and health care professionals after an initial evaluation. The person undergoing treatment must also meet all the criteria set down under the conditions of the court order. Usually, this means the person has to attend the treatment for court-specified time. If the treatment is for drug or alcohol addiction, you must abstain from drugs and alcohol. You will normally have to submit to random drug or alcohol testing. You will also have to provide updates to court-appointed officials, and may have to complete court-ordered community service. 

Can you leave court ordered rehab

Sticking with the court ordered rehab is all up to you. Technically, you can leave at any time. Of course, because this is normally a form of alternative setencing for a criminal offense and the police will be alerted. Although treatment facility personnel cannot stop you from leaving, they are legally obligated to contact law enforcement. If you leave rehab early, or don’t go at all, it is a criminal offense. You are violating a court agreement. You could be immediately incarcerated, handed large fines or have your sentence increased. 

Can you be court ordered to take medication?

In some cases a court can force a mentally unstable person to take medication. This type of court order is often issued when considerng a person’s mental competency to stand trial. There are limited times when courts can make this order. 

Does court ordered rehab work

Court ordered rehab is often used as alternative sentencing, as more and more people are beginning to understand that addiction is often one underlying cause of criminal actvity. As with anyone in therapy or rehab, the success of the court ordered rehab depends a great deal on the person being treated. If the person in treatment folllows the treatment plan there is a greater chance they will remain sober and their behaviors will change. Their overall mental health and sense of well being will also improve. All these factors will lessen the risk of continued criminal behavior. Of course, other factors like economic or social circumstances will affect the person and their success, but, again, treatment is often the first step to an improved life. 

How do you get an intervention?

Intervention is often a useful technique, a first step for helping someone with an addiction. This type of intervention is different from court ordered intervention or rehab. It’s useful to know the steps of an intervention, though, as it may be the first step toward saving someone’s life and possibly keeping them out of jail.

Steps of an intervention:

  • Develop a plan with family members, friends, counselors, or social workers.
  • Get information about the person and their problem, and do research about the addiction.
  • Form an intervention team and work together, rehearsing your message, and developing a consistent message and plan.
  • Work out details of consequences if the person doesn’t agree to treatment, such as making the person move out. Every person involved will have to create a set of consequences.
  • Once all the details are worked out and a time is set, the intervention is held.
  • After the intervention is held, there should be regular follow-up, including changing circumstances making it harder for the addicted person to engage in destructive behavior.
A Support Group Meeting.

Court ordered rehab near me

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