Non 12-Step Rehab Programs

Non-12 Step Recovery Can Help You on Your Path to Sobriety

Non-12 Step Rehab For Your Recovery

When the traditional 12-step program doesn’t seem to be your thing, or if you have been through it to no avail, our professionals can present a relatively new option for your recovery. Non-12-step rehab programs use new, innovative techniques and methods to empower the participant to make better choices while creating an environment of learning and education to encourage real change that lasts. Call the Habitats of Hope, LLC specialists at 855-277-3785 to find out how non-12-step rehab in Pennsylvania can help you beat your reliance, once and for all.

What is a Non-12-Step Program?

Non-12-step programs depend on the idea that addiction is not a disease. This puts the user in a position of accountability and power of the substance. In many 12-step rehab programs, participants are taught that they are powerless against their addiction. Non-12-step programs return the responsibility to the user, giving them strength against their problem. Non-12-step programs do not require the personal recognition of higher power like 12-step programs. These programs allow for personal beliefs to stay personal and do not try to incorporate new beliefs or ideas into your treatment.

Streamlined for Proven Results

Also contrary to 12-step programs, most non-12-step rehab treatments provide access to phones, computers, and outside communication to help strengthen the choice process and empower patients to make the right decisions. They also use small group and intense one-on-one therapy treatment to effectively alter behavior and thought patterns. These programs focus on the treatment of underlying issues that can cause dependence instead of focusing on the dependence itself. Non-12-step rehab programs use alternate ideas and theories for the productive separation from dependence. Our drug and alcohol placement experts will help you find the right program for you, whether it’s a traditional 12-step treatment plan or a holistic non-12-step rehab approach. Call 855-277-3785 to begin your treatment process.

How We Can Help

The professionals at Habitats of Hope, LLC will work with you to identify your individual treatment needs. We provide realistic solutions that make recovery reachable and deliver detailed information on specifics like cost, timespan, and requirements so you always know exactly what to expect from your treatment center and team. Whether you’re looking for a traditional 12-step recovery approach or a more holistic non-12-step rehab method, our experts can help. Call us today at 855-277-3785 to find a treatment option to eliminate your dependence on the good.