Court Ordered Intervention Guidance

Court-Ordered Rehab Can Be Your Positive Path Forward

Chart Your Path to Sobriety Through Court-Ordered Rehab

In many cases, a judge may pass down a sentence of court-ordered rehab in lieu of jail time, especially if it’s the first offense. This is an effort by the judicial system to treat the underlying problem and minimize the chances of the defendant’s return to the courtroom. Our professionals can not only help you receive court-ordered rehab instead of a jail sentence, but we can also help you identify, locate, and register for a suitable treatment program for your needs. Call us today at 855-277-3785 to help guide your court-ordered rehab in Pennsylvania.

Receiving Court-Ordered Rehab

When you call professionals we go to work immediately to provide real solutions that get results. We will provide defense attorney recommendations and can even offer payment plans to ensure you get immediate coverage no matter what your financial situation. We will work with the prosecuting team to provide possible minimization of your sentence as well as redirecting jail time to a treatment facility. Our experts will walk you through every step of the legal process to deliver the most positive outcome available. Call us today for legal guidance and sentence minimization as well as treatment advice and referral services at 855-277-3785.

What to Expect With Court-Ordered Rehab

While many aspects are the same as self-admitted rehab, there are a few key differences when you enter court-ordered rehab. One difference is that you typically have no say in whether the treatment will be inpatient or outpatient. The judge will usually decide on the type and length of the treatment. Once your treatment plan has been settled, our professionals will go to work to find the ideal location for you to carry out your treatment. In many court-ordered cases, you will be required to go through a medically supervised detox program before beginning your treatment. Many facilities offer these programs as a prelude to traditional treatment so there will be no need for two facilities.

Inpatient Court-Ordered Programs

Inpatient court-ordered programs will follow a strict schedule to promote healthy activities. You will have minimal communication with the outside world and will be expected to check in with a court-appointed representative on a regular basis. The representative will also regularly converse with your doctors and counselors to ensure a healthy, positive reaction to your treatment.

Outpatient Court-Ordered Programs

Outpatient court-ordered treatment will not take place in a live-in facility but will require regular check-ins with your court-appointed representative. You will most likely also be required to submit regular drug and substance abuse tests to ensure complete sobriety throughout the treatment.

We Can Guide You and Assist You

When you find yourself at the court’s mercy because of a drug or prescription drug charge, call our professionals for the right advice and guidance to get you through the experience as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Habitats of Hope, LLC specialists work with you to create a realistic treatment plan that allows for your recovery as well as legal compliance. Call our experts at 855-277-3785 to discuss your options for court-ordered rehab in Pennsylvania today.