Intervention Services

intervention services

Portal to Portal

Habitats of Hope provides a portal to portal service through cooperative family centered intervention services, appropriate treatment placement guidance, and residential aftercare. Our intervention services, which has been developed over years of firsthand experience and training, help the family and loved ones of an individual confront and understand the addiction in their lives. 

Family-Centered Intervention Services

We work extensively with the family prior to meeting with the individual in need. We believe that the family is key to helping an individual maintain long term quality recovery. Educating the family and loved ones provide them with not only the knowledge but the strength to effectively combat the disease of addiction and support the individual and family on their newfound journey. Addiction is a family disease, providing the family and loved ones with the appropriate skills is vital. 

Our initial intervention services typically last from 3-6 months. In that time, we work with the family, developing their understanding of addiction, how it has been manifesting in the individual’s life and how to manage the direct and indirect disruptions to the family unit that were caused by the addiction. Once the individual has entered treatment we will stay with the family and continue to work with and educate them as their individual begins to learn a new way to live. We will work with the individual’s treatment team and help guide the family through these confusing and overwhelming times. We provide support and education through this entire process.

We believe supporting the family and teaching them how to respond, instead of reacting, to their individual’s addiction will set the stage for a successful change in course for the entire family. Our personalized services can begin at any stage of your individual’s journey.

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