Do I Need Legal Services for an Intervention?

an intervention

Intervention and legal help

Alcohol and drug use can cause many problems for the individual, their family, and their friends. Usually it is the family, friends, or employer that notice it before the individual does. They may keep it to themselves or talk about among each other, and often the agreed upon solution is to seek the guidance and help of intervention services.

What is an intervention? Intervention when a course is changed by someone or something coming between two people, two things, or a person and something. It could be the process of intervening with a person’s gambling addiction, shoplifting tendencies, or in the case of this article, intervention of alcohol and/or drug abuse. The crucial and fundamental goal of an intervention is for the person with the addiction to hear the expressed concerns about that person’s lifestyle and get them to accept professional intervention services help.

What is an intervention and how does it work?

An intervention can be organized and held by a group of caring family and friends in a semi-unplanned manner and in a casual environment.  With professional intervention services though, the educated, experienced, and trained staff will know the best way how to plan an intervention.

Working with a professional intervention services, the intervention will be an organized process. It will be designed to break through a person’s denial that they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The intervention is meant to help that person recognize their behavior is self-destructive and commit to changing and improving. 

Professional intervention services are not the haphazard and hostile intervention that is typical of movies and television. Professional intervention services will ensure the environment is calm and the environment  is controlled.

Professional intervention services will prepare the participants with the recommended process of the intervention, creating a unified front before the person of concern. Each person in attendance will be required to be involved, being prepared to speak their concerns clearly and with respect. Maintaining a non-judgmental atmosphere is crucial so that the addicted person isn’t made to feel they are being attacked or threatened.

The following are actions that can be expected to transpire in typical intervention services: 

  1. Each person in the intervention will provide specific instances of how the addition of their loved one’s behavior is impacting their family, friends, and life.
  2. The intervention leader will provide a plan for the addicted person to be admitted to a rehab program specific to their addition,  or layout the next steps in evaluating a treatment plan. 
  3. Each person in the intervention will provide encouragement to the addicted person to accept professional help and offer their possible response if they decline to follow through with getting that professional help. 

What are intervention services? Intervention services is a third-party company or person that is trained in working with the family and friends of a person about their abuse of alcohol or drugs. The persons employed by the intervention services company or organization are educated and trained with addiction and how to work with an addict.   

Many intervention services offer residential aftercare, and the staff offers guidance to the families and individuals in getting their loved one into a proper treatment. Intervention services  are family centered and help in finding treatment placement as well. Many of those on staff have experienced these situation themselves and can offer a personal understanding. 

Why do you need intervention services?

When a person struggles with an addiction, it doesn’t just affect them. It affects their families too, and they bear as many or more  consequences from the disease as the addict. This results in a poor quality of life for the families in several ways: 

  • Emotionally
  • Financially 
  • Psychologically
  • Spiritually

Family members often become co-dependent and enabling, making the problem worse.  and/or codependent behavior. This why professional intervention services are needed. 

What is the importance of intervention?

Intervention will help the  family understand the individual and help the individual understand that they have an addition disease. Professional intervention services will help that person see their behavior is affecting the entire family and have traits that could be passed down to other generations. Stopping the behavior and stop the cycle. 

Do you need legal services for an intervention?

Persons that work in the government in a capacity of working with the pubic are often aware of alcohol and drug abuse, whether the family notices it or not. Substance abuse and the addiction that goes with that abuse hurts everyone in the family, and Pennsylvania, like many states, have established programs to help their citizens. Professional intervention services usually have connections with lawyers to assist should a need arise. 

people seeking legal assistance for their intervention

What are the methods of intervention?

There are four types of intervention because every addiction is different. The addict and the people involved are different. What works well for one individual and family won’t necessarily work for others.  The four type of intervention are: 

  1. The Simple Intervention: One family member facing the addict, one-on-one, instead of a large gathering. While a professional intervention services can be helpful, this type of intervention can be effective.
  2. The Classical Intervention: A planning session is held with the participants that will be facing the addict. Professional intervention services are recommended to assist in preparing everyone on how to handle any possible outcome. 
  3. The Family System Intervention: This type of intervention is fitting when there are multiple people in the family struggling with an addiction or co-dependence. Intervention services has helpful in this type and can provide each person coaching, counseling, and support. The addicted person can benefit from the family changing together as a motivation to recover.
  4. The Crisis Intervention: And addict can sometimes experience a crisis that brings them to the reality they have a problem and rehab is necessary. In place of a planned intervention, it usually is a situation that the addicted person is a danger to themselves and those around them. Stabilizing the situation to assure and optimize safety is the goal. 

The results of an intervention will depend on the organizer knowing how to plan an intervention. The intervention services that are portrayed on television in a haphazard way can often escalate the problem and make it worse.  By contacting an intervention services, you can get guidance on planning an intervention that will be successful. Call 855-277-3785 today!