Premier Comprehensive Residential Aftercare Facilities in Pennsylvania

Habitats of Hope

Habitats of Hope, LLC offers premier comprehensive residential aftercare facilities. We are able to guide families and individuals through the complexities of getting a loved one into the proper treatment settings. Through cooperative family centered intervention services, treatment placement guidance, and residential aftercare we are able to create a portal to portal service. Our personalized services can begin at any stage of a family or individuals’ journey. Habitats of Hope, LLC believes that every individual deserves a recovery plan that is unique to them and their needs.  We are committed to providing a tailored recovery plan that will help the individual and the family build a lifestyle based on recovery principles. Habitats of Hope, LLC is where hope meets recovery.

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Why Are We Different?

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    Premier Aftercare Facilities

    Habitats of Hope offers premier aftercare facilities, providing a unique setting in which individuals coming out of treatment or incarceration will be able to develop a recovery program based on values necessary to live differently and be productive members of society. We work with the individual and their family to identify and achieve their goals and reunite the family.

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    Board Certified Staff

    The supervisory staff of Habitats of Hope are credentialed by the Pennsylvania Certification Board and are individuals with many years in recovery. They bring their life experience along with crucial clinical knowledge that is imperative to assist others develop their own personal journey and program of recovery. We offer and understand that there are many pathways to recovery.

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    Extensive Network

    Habitats of Hope also has an extensive network of other licensed addiction, psychological, and therapeutic professionals that add to our continuum of services, if necessary.

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    Recovery Care Plan

    We at Habitats of Hope recognize that every person is an individual and carries with them a unique set of experiences, values, and goals. We are dedicated to helping each resident create their own Recovery Care Plan (RCP) that will be their blueprint and pathway to a successful journey in recovery. The RCP promotes accountability and responsibility, both of which are an important component to a successful recovery.

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    Habitats of Hope offers portal to portal services from intervention services, appropriate treatment placement, family education, and support, family reunification, aftercare coordination, life skills, legal assistance, as well as providing a safe, structured, and healthy aftercare living situation. This complete service allows the entire family to redefine their relationships and create a successful family dynamic.

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    Customized Plans

    At Habitats of Hope, we treat the “why” and not just the “what.” It is this mindset that sets us apart from other recovery houses. Over the years, the framework of our program has proven to be a more successful program. We assist the individual in developing their own Recovery Care Plan based on their needs, priorities, and goals. This allows each individual to create a customized plan detailing what is best for them, their families, and their recovery. It is in this way that the individual takes ownership of their life, their circumstances, and their accomplishments.